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  • Artificial Intelligence: Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

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    Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence brings the idea of the error free world. This technology will slowly introduce in all the branch of the world to reduce effort and give accurate and faster result.

    There has been a significant growth in the volume and variety of data because of the accumulation of unorganized text data. The corporate world is now relying on technologies like text analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for making such massively collected data. That’s why text analytics is very relevant nowadays.


    In this article, we will be tackling Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing and its connection to Artificial Intelligence.

    What is Artificial Intelligence and Text Analytics?

    Artificial Intelligence, It’s the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence.

    Text Analytics is a broad word covering a various process by which text and natural language documents can be modified so that they can be organized and described.

    What is Natural Language Processing?

    Natural Language Processing is an AI method of communication with an intelligent system using a natural language. Building systems that can understand language.

    AI in Text Analytics

    Text analytics can be invaluable for anyone facing profound information overload. Implementing Artificial Intelligence in text Analytics can lead to development of the following applications.

    • Competitive Intelligence
    • With Competitive Intelligence, only important and relevant information can be chosen by the user. After the collection of the specific material, it is automatically classified into the relevant categories, and it will be analyzed to get answers for a specific business problem or for making critical strategies.

    • Human Resource Management
    • Combination of Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is also used to manage and organize human resources. It can help on hiring new personnel by analyzing its CV, monitoring the level of satisfaction of the employees, and the analyzing employee’s feedbacks and opinions.

    • Market Analytics
      • The combination of Text Analytics and AI can also be used for monitoring customer’s opinion, monitoring of potential customers, analyzing competitors and strategizing management.

    AI for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Without NLP, artificial intelligence can only answer simple questions, but it won’t able to know the meaning of the words. The following are examples of natural language processing systems:

    • Communication
    • For example, Facebook messenger, it uses artificial intelligence. Siri for IOS and Skype translator that offers on the fly translation for interpreting live speech in real time.

    • Customer Review
    • Combination of AI and Natural Language Processing helps to collect product reviews with accuracy, by using NLP it, you can determine the actual sentiment or emotion of the customer.

    AI for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    No one knows what future holds, but one thing’s for sure, Artificial Intelligence will make us feel safer especially from unexpected events, AI will help us to secure all the confidential information about us, AI will make life easy for us. In times of disaster, you can ask an AI what’s the right thing to do, for example: Siri, Siri has 95 percent accuracy.

    In times of disaster, you may get advice from AI about what’s the right thing to do, according your localisation and the type of disaster. Imagine an huge earthquake, you get detailed safety instructions, like the nearest safe zone in case of tidal wave.

    How many lives can be saved just by receiving this kind of message: “A tsunami is coming, you should go to the highest place. Nearest place is …”? By improving our awareness, AI can improve our safety.

    An article from express.co.uk published last May 24, 2016 says that, “AI can torture mankind.” and we cannot blame them once AI is abused and misused, it can be a threat to human race.

    A report also said that “Psychopaths” who wants to add their name to history books, can developed an AI to wipe humankind, based on the article of express.co.uk

    Since the birth of Artificial Intelligence, its focus is to help humans, to increase mankind’s efficiency and to nurture the world. But if it gets into the wrong hands, it can jeopardize mankind. On the other hand, if it gets into the right hand, AI will definitely benefit mankind, and its future generation.

    AI will not stop innovating for the common good. The future of AI is in our hands.